Boyhood, Vol. II, by Sam Carter

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(Back Row) Mary “Aunt Molly” Rust, Harriot “Amere” Fleming    (Middle Row) Betsy “Lee” Rust, Sam Carter, Frances “Mother” Carter Allen, Tiff Allen     (Front Row) Lomax Gwathmey, Harriot Carter Gwathmey, Harriot Fleming and Lee Fleming

Beverley Carter Coffman discovered a series of small handwritten books that her father, Sam Carter, had written in his youth. They are all dated 1934 when Sam would have been almost 13 years old. Since this one book, Boyhood ,Volume II, covers events that happened as many as  2 or 3 years prior to 1934, he could have been as young as 10 when he started the project. Of course, it is also true that he could have been writing a memoir rather than a diary.

Bev found this volume and two others (less autobiographical) in the bottom of a drawer sometime after her father’s death. Volume one seems to have been lost somewhere along the way. I am posting the first half of this book in this article. The second half will follow. A rare window into day to day life more than 80 years ago.

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GM Betsy and Sam 1927.png
Sam and “Lee” at Green Mont  1927?

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Betsy and Sam 1935?.jpg
Lee and Sam  at Yeocomico 1936?

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