Old Man River

Old Man River, cut from a larger photo. This is probably the image that Clarissa used for the portrait of her old friend that used to hang over the mantle in the Homewood library.

I found this hand written and illustrated story of Clarissa Fleming’s favorite horse of all time among the valuable papers in her Homewood desk, right next to all the other original manuscripts that she prized. There is no indication of the authorship of this piece. Perhaps someone will recognize their work and come forward and identify themselves.


IMG_0022 copy.jpg

IMG_0023 copy.jpg

IMG_0024 copy.jpg

I believe my brother, Lee, has the “tombstone”.

2 thoughts on “Old Man River

  1. Old Man River’s gravesite is near the uphill edge of the woodlands that border Broad Run on the western side of Green Mont. I remember it as a pleasantly shady spot to rest on a hot summer afternoon in the midst of mowing the adjacent fields.

    Sometime around 1990 I was visiting the farm and came across the gravestone laying in the long grass right in the middle of the field. Someone had removed it from atop the grave and tried to carry it off but had apparently abandoned the effort because the square granite marker was so heavy. I returned with my van and was just barely able to muscle the stone into the back of the truck by myself. It was impossible to locate the gravesite again, so ever since that day Clarissa’s beloved companion has been memorialized in two successive upstate New York backyards…



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