Harriot Jane Downman Fleming

Written on the back of this photo is “Hattie Fleming, Green Mount, Sep. 26 1882”. It was taken in Washington D.C.

It is rumored that she once had a 19” waist. This was probably with the aid of a corset, and certainly before having seven children.

HDFleming @1940 with Betsy,S. Carter and RDF blog.jpeg  Betsy Rust, Sam Carter, Harriot J. Downman (“amere”) F. and Roberta F. at Green Mont @1940

I’m looking for contributions on this one.

One interesting fact…”Hattie’s” father, Robert Henry Downman, was the Fauquier County Clerk of the Court who witnessed and recorded the deed when Green Mont was purchased by Mary Lee Fleming on July 12, 1877. It was a very small world back then.

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