Clarissa Fleming’s “Downman”, Chapter VIII

One important family genealogical resource is Clarissa Fleming’s 1958 book William Downman of Plymouth, England and Virginia, October 1608 and some of his Descendants. Chapter VIII is focused on the family of Harriot Jane Downman Fleming and their life at Green Mont.

The photo above shows Green Mont at it’s most capacious, sporting its 3rd Floor and bay windows. This extensive remodel was undertaken after R. B. L. Fleming inherited Green Mont in 1902 (from his mother, Mary Lee Fleming). The work was completed c 1903. This remodel must have reduced the house to bare frame. The siding was removed and replaced. The windows and doors were replaced. The porch was replaced. A new living room was added with an additional bedroom above on the 2nd floor. The stairs were relocated and completely replaced. New floors were laid. Much of the plaster was removed and replaced. The basement was deepened to accommodate a steam boiler and heating system. A two story bay was added to enlarge the Dining Room and  Master Bedroom above. And an entire mansard roofed 3rd Floor was added bringing the house up to a total of 13 Bedrooms.

I’m not sure how many copies of Clarissa’a Downman book are around, or how many of the younger generations have had a chance to get their hands on one. In this chapter  Clarissa offers a first hand account of the day to day activities and a few special moments of the first half of the 20th Century.















One thought on “Clarissa Fleming’s “Downman”, Chapter VIII

  1. I received this from Marloe Woollett a few days ago: Funny thing is that I don’t remember the shawl episode…..(and Amere was my great grandmother). What I do remember is once brushing/combing her hair as she sat on the porch relaxed with eyes closed. But I apparently I decided to turn the comb over and over, going up from the bottom of her hair up, in order to create a curl, but instead, of course, made a totally horrendous snarl in the comb to be untangled, undoubtedly, painfully! I was rightfully most firmly chastised!!! As a little person, seems one remembers those things more than happier ones!

    But Greenmont had tons of petunias, and to this very day, whenever I smell that fragrance, I am momentarily transported back there! Also, there was a great red raspberry patch, too, which I loved! I had free rein to pick and savor. Not to mention all those English Black Walnuts whose husks so stained hands and clothing….more chastising!


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