Shaking off the dust

It has been a while since I have made an entry. Not only have I forgotten how to do this, but I also seem to have lost the ability to type.

It was never my intention to become be a blogger. This whole thing was started to boost interest in a Fleming family reunion back in 2017, and it worked very well for that purpose. In a totally unexpected way it has served as a lure for others seeking information about their Fleming, Lee and Downman families. Over the last several years, through this page, I have made contact with eleven other great great grandchildren of Dr. Robert and Mary Elizabeth Lee Fleming; eight great grandchildren of their son, Thomas Fleming, one great grandson of Alfred Walton Fleming, a great grand daughter of Julia Prosser Fleming, and a great grand daughter of Clarissa Tilghman Fleming.

January 28, 2022 was the 100th anniversary of the Knickerbocker Theater collapse in Washington, DC which took the lives of my great great uncle Thomas Fleming and two of his children. Due in part to these recent “connections”, the memorial vigil was observed on both coasts.

In Washington DC, at the site
and in LA and Petaluma, CA

Thomas Fleming ll, moved his family to Pasadena, CA in 1929. Unfortunately, I didn’t find out about that until 25 years after I moved to Los Angeles. There were several of that family, including Thomas ll’s daughter, Elizabeth Fleming Rhodes, that I would have loved to have met. I look forward to meeting two of her nieces this summer.

It’s too bad that everybody I could have addressed my family history questions to died by the time I figured out that it’s actually pretty interesting and important stuff. Write down your stories, please! Someone is going to care eventually. I promise. I’ve probably said this before but, what I wouldn’t give for an hour with my great aunt, Clarissa Fleming.

Green Mont Summer 2021

Green Mont has come a long way since the reunion. It’s actually quite habitable in the milder months. I take full advantage of that. I hope to be meeting many Flemings there this summer.

4 thoughts on “Shaking off the dust

  1. I loved reading what you wrote, Henry!

    Do you know Steve Hammond? He lives in Sterling and is descended from the Syphax family. I apparently have DNA matched with 5 of his cousins. The Syphax family was sort of like the Hemings family. Maria Syphax was George Washington Parke Custis’s daughter with an enslaved woman called Arianna Carter. And, as you know, he was RELee’s father-in-law. Steve and I are trying to figure out what line of mine connects me to the Syphaxes. Very interesting stuff! More soon, Sarah



  2. Hey, Henry… you’re pretty good at this. Maybe you should be a blogger! Actually writing down the history is especially important in these ephemeral digital days.

    Lee Rust


  3. Wow! Thank you, Henry. It’s been a while since I have read the blog. I have read and reread almost every entry while Steve and I were driving home from Grandparent’s Day in New Jersey at Blair Academy. Like you, I’d give anything to have one more conversation with my grandmother, Mamere (Frances Fleming Carter/Allen/Boswell) and/or my father (Sam Carter). I feel sure they told me much of this but I was just too dumb (well, I guess immature) to listen! I am looking forward to printing out the updated family tree so that I can use it as a reference when I am reading these entries and the others that I am sure are to come! Thank you, everyone, for your contributions to our history.


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