Family Photos

I continue to discover stashes of photos. Here is a random sampling of some more recent finds.

RDF homewood.jpg
Kit Carter and Roberta Fleming at Homewood  1973
GM Betsy and Sam 1927.png
Sam Carter and “Lee” (Betsy Rust Brundage) at Green Mont  1926?
IMG_2413 copy.jpg
Green Mont at its most massive (1905?). This is taken from the road looking across the field where the pond now is.  The original locust trees in the house yard are quite badly broken off. The driveway trees have yet to be planted. The stream has no trees at all on its banks. This shows the original barn that was struck by lightning and burned to the ground in 1910. You can see the main tenant house to the left of the barn; a second barn and the carriage house to the right. The log schoolhouse with its chimney is visible next to the house. Notice the arched feature in the   picket fence at the head of the drive.
new green mont 1966.jpg
“New Green Mont” under construction in early 1966. This is the highest point of the farm. The Ravenscroft/Archwood hill is in the background. This house was destroyed by fire in 2002.
clarisa and winkie.jpg
Clarissa Fleming and Winkie at Homewood  1965
homewood 1956 1.jpg
Roberta and Clarissa Fleming at Homewood 1956. Margaret Rust is primping in the passenger seat of the family 1954 Oldsmobile Super 88 convertible.
alec kite.jpg
Alec Green and Bill Rust at Seaholm 1954. Seaholm was a summer house outside Biddeford Pool, Maine owned by my father and his mother, Mary. You might have heard that Alec was a very generous and patient man
brundages maine 1954.jpg
The Brundages at Seaholm  1954

If you’ve got some old photos. Please share. There didn’t used to be as much photo duplication as in more recent years. That old photo you have might be the only copy in existence.

It’s not too hard. Some of these were digitally scanned at a local photo shop; others were simply photographed with a point-and-shoot or an I phone. Just drop them into an e-mail. A picture can be worth 1000 words.



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