Green Mont, Chapter 7, July 17, 2017-

The Reunion was not the end of the process. Just a notable event along the way. I hope there will be many such events at Green Mont. There have already been some. My good friends, Cathy and Lance were married there on Sept 30, 2017; married on the lawn facing High Point and “received” in the barn with a band and dancing.

This was, at least, the fourth wedding to take place at Green Mont, and it has been 88 years since the last one; Anne Cameron Fleming to Minor Sadler Harris, on November 16, 1929. Frances Lee Fleming married Samuel Henley Carter on November 10, 1909 and Mary Elizabeth Lee Fleming married William Fitzhugh Rust on September 11, 1912. To my knowledge, Cathy and Lance were the first to hold their reception in the barn.

We took Monday after the reunion off, but Tuesday was just another work day. The goal is to complete the addition on the house and have it all operational by Thanksgiving 2017. A bit ambitious, but conceivable.

75 house July 25, 2017.jpg
75.  walls up   July 25, 2017
76 house Aug. 2, 2017.jpg
76.  the addition to the “Shed” under cover    Aug. 2, 2017
77 barn Aug. 2, 2017.jpg
77,  lower roof completed  Aug. 2, 2017
78 barn Aug. 2, 2017.jpg
78. lower roof completed  Aug. 2, 2017
79 barn Sept. 11, 2017.jpg
79.  The upper roof completed  Sept. 11, 2017
82 house Sept. 15, 2017.jpg
82.  contemplating the Parlor fireplace repair  Sept. 15, 2017
80 house Sept. 16, 2017.jpg
80. the porch pier, cellar stair well and “Den” chimney masonry complete  Sept 16, 2017
81 house Sept. 17, 2017.jpg
81.  Starting the sheathing  Sept. 17, 2017
1901 carpenter blog.jpg
The last time Green Mont was being added on to; 1901; 116 years ago
120. house Sept. 20, 2017.jpg
120.  the “Den” fireplace  Sept 20, 2017  This mantle, formerly in the 1900 Living Room/ Back Parlor was the site of 3 of the Green Mont weddings. (a tent was located here during the reunion.)
83 house Oct. 2, 2017.jpg
83,  Oct. 2, 2017 The Parlor fireplace, taken after Cathy and Lance’s wedding. The Parlor served as the Bride’s dressing room.


86 WHIF plan Oct. 23, 2017.jpg
86. W. H. Irwin Fleming’s dormer design for the new roof that went on Green Mont after the third floor was removed in 1948
87 house Oct. 2, 2017.jpg
87.  Irwin’s dormer and the house ready for its metal roof  Oct. 2, 2017
122. Oct. 2, 2017
121. house Oct. 2, 2017.jpg
121. John Page Turner’s bathtub  Oct. 2, 2017

Unfortunately, both of the Green Mont bathtubs are missing but I found a suitable replacement. This is the bathtub from John Page Turner’s house in The Plains. Page Turner was the mayor of The Plains (many times), a revered member of the community, a beloved history teacher and a good friend of the Fleming family. Page’s tub is probably the next best thing to one of the originals; a proper provenance, and fate.




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