Green Mont, Chapter 6, May 23 – July 15, 2017, The Reunion

Wrapping up.  Seven weeks to go.

As the new metal roof started going on the Barn, we moved the wood shop into the Dairy Barn. Michael focused on assembling the windows for the house. Jordon had minor surgery and was put on light duty; painting. Harry and I were working on glazing (I think we glazed over 400 panes in all). I was also starting on the columns. We brought on another carpenter named Thom (while Jordon was out of commission). Thom rebuilt the front door frame and then moved on to trimming out the porch deck and steps.

59 House parts May 23, 2017.jpg
59.  The front door transom, sill and sidelights   May 23, 2017
60 house parts June 16, 2017.jpg
60.  One of the house windows ready to go   June 16, 2017
61 house parts June 23, 2017.jpg
61.  One of the original column shafts, repaired with epoxy   June 23, 2017
62 house parts June 23, 2017.jpg
62. Column no. 2 assembled and ready for transport to the porch. (the bases dates from the 1988 reconstruction effort; the caps (“echini”) had been recently turned by Ken Garrett, a friend and neighbor of many talents)   June 23, 2017
63 House June 23, 2017.jpg
63. The columns going into place  June 23, 2017
64 House crew June 23, 2017.jpg
64. A pre-reunion test photo; trying out the porch     Michael, Jordon, Henry and Harry    June 23, 2017

So, with 3 weeks left to the reunion, we had most of the porch ready, and the windows and part of the front door were installed.

58 Harry June 26, 2017.jpg
58. Harry on top of the world  June 26, 2017

I had been back to the Building Department and answered all the questions. As it turns out, the permit that they had initially issued, for an Accessory Structure, was flawed because there was no Principal Structure on the property to be “accessory” to. It actually ended up working out well for all concerned that I wanted to turn the shed into a house. They even let me keep it unfinished with no heat.

The drain field and the Health Department turned out to be a bit of a problem, but on July 7th we finally got our amended building permit. I had been hoping to have all the walls up before the Reunion. We did manage to get the floor deck of the addition finished. We located a tent on it for the reunion.

The pressure was becoming a bit infectious. Michael and Jordon even worked on a weekend. After Scott Johnston had finished his tree work for the day, he asked if we wanted some help with the framing and joined in.

With that same one week to go, the masons arrived to start laying up the walls of the new barn ramp. We were cutting it close.

66 ramp July 7, 2017.jpg
66.  stocking the masons: one week to go  July 7, 2017
67 ramp July 9, 2017.jpg
67. preparing to start forming the new barn sill   July 9, 2017
68 house July 9, 2017.jpg
68. The addition deck framed  July 9, 2017
69 house July 9, 2017.jpg
69.  Five days to go     July 9, 2017
70 ramp July 10, 2017.jpg
70. the new ramp: Four days to go     July 10, 2017
71 path July 11, 2017.jpg
71. Three days to go; no front door or interior walls in the Hall; stair treads still not installed     July 11, 2017

The last day

Family members started coming in on Thursday night before the Reunion and were all on hand on Friday along with the considerable contribution of Andrea and the “Kinloch” crew (Jay and Adam in particular) to help pull it all together.

124. basketball hoop July 15, 2017.jpg
122.  Jane and Robin assembling the hoop   July 14, 2017
103 ramp July 14, 2017.jpeg
103.  The barn ramp just graded (hours before) and a giant rain looming. We’re trying to fasten down a tarp as the rain starts to fall  4:00PM July 14, 2017
123. Barn, cleaning up July 14, 2017.jpg
123. Margaux and Drew and others cleaning the barn like wild people  5:00PM July 14, 2017


125. house  July 15, 2017.jpg
124. Green Mont, as ready as it was going to get; carriage lights on for the first time in many (40?) years. The iron bench traveled from LA to make the reunion.  6:00PM  July 14, 2017  Zero hour

Robin Brundage told me afterwards that when he saw the place that Friday morning, he thought there was no way it could be ready in time, but we all pulled together.  A massive effort on everyone’s part.

126. Roberta's July 14, 2017.jpg
125. Dinner at Roberta and Sandy’s “Barn”  8:00PM  July 14, 2017

The Reunion

88 gate July 15, 2017.jpg
88.  The morning of the reunion; Roberta’s beautiful sign   July 15, 2017
74 pond july 14, 2017.jpg
74.  The Pond as viewed from the bridge   July 15, 2017
72 house July 15, 2017.jpg
72.  The morning of the reunion  July 15, 2017
90 family tree.jpg
90. William pointing out his place on the family tree to Joe and Owen     July 15, 2017
93 reunion bar.jpg
93.  A gaggle of Flemings and friends   July 15, 2017
92 Flemings under 40.jpg
92.  all the Flemings under 40 (+1)   July 15, 2017  (Those carriage lamps are actually from Homewood. I don’t know what happened to the Green Mont lamps)
94 barn aisle.jpg
94. The Barn, with its new ramp and threshold   July 15, 2017
127. booth boys and cake July 15, 2017.jpg
127. Uncles, cousins, brothers and caramel cake  July 15, 2017

With all the inviting that I did to get people to play music at the reunion, there was at least a little bit after the cake on Saturday night. To my knowledge, this was the first time music was played in the barn; certainly the first time that I ever did. July 15, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 8.55.03 PM.png
Harry, me and Lance Albaugh’s left hand. Standing behind me, my sweetheart talking with my second wife (Harry’s mom).


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  1. i wandered onto your blog from a Fauquier web page that posted one of your entries. I am intrigued by all the stories, and wondered if there is an index or listing of all the entries, and if there is a family tree anywhere? thanks marshamelk at hotmail com if that is easier


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