Just some pictures of cousins.

HDFleming @1940 with Betsy,S. Carter and RDF blog.jpeg
Betsy (“Lee”) Rust and Sam Carter (with Harriot “Amere” Fleming and Roberta Fleming) in the den at Green Mont c1939. Check out the adventures of “Lee” and Sam in Boyhood, Volume 2.
IMG_3969 edit.jpeg
Top Row: Billy Rust, Bertie Rust, Robin Brundage
Middle Row: Mary Brundage, Jenny Brundage
Bottom Row: Lee Rust, Henry Rust, Kip Brundage
On the steps of Roberta Fleming’s house on Wirt Street in Leesburg, VA c1957
IMG_0008 blog.jpeg
Lee, Bill and Henry Rust with the Carter’s (and Clarissa) at Homewood c1965.
(Not a very clear photo. I would be wildly guessing to try to identify more than one or two of the Carters)
IMG_2429 blog.jpeg
Fitz Brundage, Henry Rust, Margaret and Kip Brundage; with Cinders and Sandy
On the front lawn at Green Mont c1965
Isabelle Rust, Fleming Jeffries, Margaux Rust, Ian Rust, Susan Jeffries at Yeocomico, just outside Leesburg, VA c2000 (at the dedication of the property as a natural wildlife refuge)
IMG_1931 blog.jpg
Isabelle Rust and Margaux Rust
Venice, Ca 2014
IMG_0290 blog.jpeg
Henry Rust, Max Rust, Justin Garrett and Lee Garrett (Brewer) circa 1980 at Yeocomico, Leesburg, Va.

Oct 28, 2017: I just got these next ones from Kip Brundage, I lifted them from a photo montage he had made for in remembrance of his mother, Betsy (Mary Elizabeth Lee Rust Brundage). I’d never seen that view of Green Mont before, let alone this particular photo.

GM Betsy and Sam 1927.png
Sam Carter and Betsy Brundage at Green Mont   1926?
Rob, Roberta and Gran 1944.jpg
Robin Brundage, Roberta Rust Jeffries and Gran (Mary Fleming Rust) at Yeocomico  1944?


Got any fun cousin photos? Please send them to me.

2 thoughts on “Cousins

  1. From Marloe Woollett: Seeing that “cousin” picture taken at “Homewood” up near the ‘summer house” reminded me of the black carrousel horse that used to be under the hickory trees down the slope from the porch. I loved that horse! Wonder where it wandered off to. Also, all the red bud (Cercis) are now blooming up here which further reminds me of driving up the crunchy gravel driveway to “Homewood” when all the dogwood and red bud were in bloom together in the Spring. A truly glorious Springtime sight! Take good care! L and Ks, Marloe…..all of a sudden I am being addressed in e-mails from family as Mary Tayloe! THAT takes me back about 60 some years…YIKES!!


  2. I that the “go cart” that was made from lawn mower wheels (and blades) and one of the Rust boys cut his foot on?


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