Winnie Jackson scratched her name in the outhouse wall; but hers was not the only tagging that had been going on at the farm. While sifting through the remains of the collapsed log cabin (school house?), I found that some of the former students had left their mark on the upstairs stair rail.

IMG_1187 blog.jpeg
Top: ACF*,RBLF*, HDF*, ? Middle: HDF*, ACF, CWF  Bottom:RBLF, RDF, MELF      *F reversed

Anne definitely returned to re-mark her territory. She had developed to the point of incorporating shading. I wonder if she kept it up. I’m visualizing ACF on the side of a rail car rumbling through The Plains, or on a downtown bus in Richmond.

IMG_2438 blog.jpeg

RBLF                            ACF                   HDF               CWF                                        RDF?

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