November 9, 1909

Nov. 9, 1909 at Green Mont, Frances' wedding eve.jpg
9 November 1909 party at Green Mont; the evening before the wedding of Frances Lee Fleming and Samuel Henley Carter

I have had a very fuzzy copy of this photo in my possession for many years and I knew what it was of…but I didn’t know who most of the subjects were. When we had a little organizing meeting before the reunion back in February 2017, Bev Coffman arrived with a few treasures and among them was better copy of this same photograph. She really got my attention when she opened up the back of it and produced a hand drawn sketch and key, prepared by Harriot Carter (then Claiborne), identifying all of those present.

I’m not sure when this was prepared. I assume Frances was helping out with the ID’s. I had thought that #6 was Irwin Fleming rather than his brother Thomas Fleming. Perhaps they looked much alike.

11:9:09 Frances' wedding eve key.jpg

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