The Labor Book


One of the the many treasures that I found among Clarissa’s papers that were left at Homewood was her father’s farm labor log covering the years 1912 through his death in 1929. This book is a fascinating and revealing look into all that went into operating a farm of this nature; from cutting ice to young girls working on the hog slaughtering crew; from the cost of flour to the Laundry bill from the Harrisburg Steam Laundry (probably in Warrenton).

I have highlighted the farm (under RBLF) and house staff (under Mrs RBLF) through the course of the book. I have also included the “Extra Labor” for the first few years to give you a sense of the work that involved hiring on extra hands.

From the Green Mont Farm “Labor Book” 1912


Hissiciah Kilpatrick          Farm              $10/mo        feb-may
Thornton Roberson           Farm             $11/mo        nov-
Lucy Lacey                            House            $7/mo
Ella                                          House            $10/mo
Hannah Lacey                     Laundry


Bernard Tibbs
Clarence Carter
Henry Carter
Elmore Ball
Turner Carver
Moses Lacey

Henry Glascock                  threshing?
L. Ball                                    Boarding (for hired hands)?
Joe Thompson                     cutting corn

Ball’s son
Jeff Woodson                        shucking corn


H. C. Ball                                Farm            $200/yr
Thornton Robertson           Farm            $11/mo                 left Sept
Milton                                      Farm            $10/mo                sep-
Alfred Hillim                         Farm            $12/mo                 jul-sep
Edward Casen                        Farm            $12/mo                nov-
Ella                                            House            $10/mo             left Sept
Lucy                                           House            $7/mo               left Sept
Mary Pinket                            House            $8/mo               sep-dec
Anna Hillim                            House            $8/mo                   dec-
Abby Lacey                              House            $8(up to $10)/mo    oct-
Hannah Lacey                        Laundry
Chas. Carter’s wife               Laundry
Lucy Hall                                  Laundry


Lin Hall                                     killing hogs
Brook Carter
Hannah Lacey
Lucy and Ella                          farm

Gilbert Glascock                    harvest
Carlin Ball                               carrying water    .50
Martin Munn?

Grunt Bolds                            killing hogs

Grunt                                         cutting ice


H. C. Ball                                   Farm            $200/yr
Edward Casen                          Farm            $12/mo          feb-mar
Thornton Robertson              Farm            $12/mo          mar-jul
Aldridge                                     Farm            $12/mo          jul-
Clifford Ball                              Farm            $15mo           mar-aug
Abby Lacey                                House            $10/mo        left Jan
Anna E. Lee                               House            $8/mo          jan-may
Abby Lacey                                House            $10/mo        may-
Mary                                            House            $10/mo        feb-aug
Anna Jackson                            House            $4/mo          sep-
Frances Carter                          Laundry
Hanah Lacey                             Laundry


Boarding extra hands    Several days to several months     $51.38

Sweeney (Swaney)                 cutting ice

Hurder                                       shucking corn

W Morrison                             trimming trees
Cliff Ball
Martin Muses?                       weed thinning
Bill Daw                                   house cleaning
Sarah Gant                             ?
Mrs. Abner Glascock
Sweeney                                   ditch

Norman Payne                        cutting corn
Ball Children                           cutting corn

Bailey Carver
Turner Carver


H C Ball                                       Farm            $200/yr
Aldridge Thomas                     Farm            $12/mo
Abby Lacey                                House            $10/mo        jan-may
Winnie Jackson                        House
Bert Roberson                          House            $10/mo        aug-oct
Florence Jackson                     House
Anna Jackson                           House            $4/mo
Georgy Jackson                        House                                   oct-nov
Alma Booger                             House            $10/mo        nov-
Lizzie Morris                           Laundry
Hannah Lacey                         Laundry


Sweeney                                   cutting ice

Jim Wade
E E Ball
Robert Glascock
Makinley Tibbs
Howard Ball
Carling Ball
Jack Wallace


H. C. Ball                                 Farm            $200/yr
Alexander Green                   Farm            $12/mo
Alma Booger                          House            $10/mo          left nov
Georgie Jackson                    House            $10/mo          apr-may
Marthii Carter                       House            $14/mo          jun-nov
Winnie Jackson                     House            $4/mo            feb-jul
Rose Carter                             House            $6/mo            aug-
Lucy Lee                                   House            $12/mo          nov-
Lizzie Morris                          Laundry
Mittie Carter                          Laundry


Haney                                       killing hogs
Jack Wollmer
Grant Bulis
Bill Daw
Georgie Jackson
Howard Ball

Haney Sweeney                      cutting ice
Joe(Jack) Wallace
Bir Styles

Sweeney                               hauling wood
S. Carver
Julian Grifith
C H Butler                            chimneys
Sarah Gant
Jess Wade                             whitewashing

B Francis                                harvesting
boys work paid to H C Ball
Page Howdershall               thrashing wheat


C. Ball                                    Farm            $200/yr
Alex Green                           Farm            $15/mo
Annie Green                        Farm

Lucy Lee                                House            $12/mo          left oct
Dealia Williams                  House            $12/mo          oct-
Rosa Lambert                      House            $6/mo            feb-apr
Lucy Lee’s boy                     House            $5/mo            may-aug
Mattie Strawer                     House            $12/mo          nov-
Mittie Carter                        Laundry
Lucy Hall                               Laundry
Georgie Jackson                  Laundry


H.C. Ball                               Farm            $200/yr
Alex Green                           Farm            $15/mo            left nov
? Green                                 House           $12/mo            nov-
Dealia Williams                 House            $12/mo           jan-feb
Annie Green                       House            $12/mo            mar / sep-dec
Jerry?                                                             $8/mo            aug-sep
Lucy Hall                              Laundry


C. Ball                                   Farm            $300/yr
R. B. L. Fleming                 Farm                                    from July 1, 1920
Olin Payne                           Farm            $20/mo        feb-oct
Carlin Ball                           Farm            $25/mo          apr-
Marria Payne                     House            $20/mo        feb-oct
Walter Wright                   House            $20/mo        nov
Martin Hilome                  House            $20/mo        dec
Lucy Hall                             Laundry


H. C. Ball                             Farm            $300/mo
Walter Wright                    Farm            $20/mo        left jul
Carlin Ball                           Farm
Mercer                                  Farm            $20/mo        aug-
Martha Walker                  House            $20/mo        mar-aug
Marthii Bell King              House            $15/mo        may-jun
Nanncie Jackson               House                                   aug
Annie Green                       House                                   aug-
Lucy Hall                            Laundry


C. Ball                                  Farm            $300/yr
Carlin Ball                          Farm            $300/yr
Mercer                                 Farm            $20/mo         jan-sep
Annie Green                      House            $20/mo        jan-apr
Alex Green                         House            $20/mo        may-
Olin Paine                           House            $20/mo        sep-
Lucy Hall                             Laundry


H. C. Ball                              Farm            $300/yr
Carlin Ball                            Farm            $300/yr
Olin Payne                           House            $20/mo
Alex Green                           House            $20/mo
Lucy Hall                              Laundry


C. Ball                                    Farm              $300/yr
Carlin Ball                            Farm              $25/mo
Olin Payne                            House            $20/mo
Alex Green                            House            $20/mo
Lucy Hall                               Laundry


H. C. Ball                                Farm            $300/yr
Gilbert Glascock                  Farm            $250/yr
Lizie                                         House            $20/mo
Alex Green                             House            $20/mo
Lucy Hall                                Laundry

The last year that the labor record listed “cutting ice”; the coming of rural electrification and refrigeration.


C. Ball                                     Farm            $300/yr
Gilbert Glascock                  Farm            $250/yr
Alex Green                            House            $20/mo        left April
Accie Mitchel                       House            $20/mo        started April
Lizie                                        House            $20/mo        feb-mar
Rosa Lambert                       House            $20/mo        apr-aug
Corrie Edmonds                  House            $20/mo        sep
Mittie Carter                         House                                   sep-dec (on and off)
Lucy Hall                               Laundry


C. Ball                                     Farm            $300/yr
Gilbert Glascock                  Farm            $275/yr
Acie Mitchel                          House            $20/mo        left May
Gus Carter                              House            $20/mo        may-
Annie                                       House            $20/mo        jan-jun
Burt Hall                                 House            $20/mo        jun-jul
Dasie                                        House            $12/mo        jan-jun
Burt’s daughter                    House            $12/mo        jun-sep
Fannie Long                           House            $20/mo        oct-
Ida R?                                       House            $20/mo          nov-
Lucy Hall                                 Laundry


C. Ball                                       Farm            $300/yr
Jenkins                                     Farm            $2/day            jan-may (part time)
Robert Ball                               Farm            $1/day            may-dec (part time)
Fannie Long                            House            $20/mo        left nov
Ida R?                                         House            $20/mo        left June
Rose                                           House            $20/mo         jun-aug
Gus                                             House            $20/mo


C. Ball                                        Farm            $300/yr
Robert Ball                               Farm            $30/mo
Gus                                             House            $20/mo        left April

Last entry April 1929; $14.00 to Gus.

Richard Bland Lee Fleming died on May 10, 1929

I wonder what happened to Clarissa’s father’s earlier ledgers? Perhaps the reason this one was saved was because it was his last.

Mike Harris 2/25/17: I recognize Mr Ball’s name. I think he lived in the house nearest the dairy, later occupied by Bunks Waddle. The Glascocks were a large tribe, around when I was a boy.

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